![[Icon - Foundling.png|300]] Foundling came about in 2008 as Jonathan's output for the quieter, ambient recordings. Initially releasing [[Wake up in Bits]] on [[Exitab]] label, an exploration into soft synth transformations. The project then grew as Jonathans sound-scaping started to develop in to more contrasting and fraught territory with the EP [[Hope Is Red - Jordan]] arriving on [[videogamemusic]] in 2017. Two works [[Numbing]] and [[Wake up in Bits|We Managed To Get Up]] were selected for the documentary film [We Margiela](https://wemargiela.com/) directed by Menna Laura Meijer. The project was laid to rest and re-directed to become [[Flight Coda]] in 2022. ![[Foundling-Cvernovka-Bratislava-2015-p-Luis-Calow.jpg]] ![[Discography#Foundling]] #alias