'there's a planet on your chest' is an EP by [[Flight Coda]] comprised of six ambient compositions. Totalling 33 minutes 'tapoyc' covers new ground for Jonathan by introducing playful fragments of granulated sound into the drone. Much of this record was performed live at DINA and [[Traces Of A Cathode - Closing Event|S1 Artspace]] in Sheffield 2023. ![[flight-coda-there's a planet on your chest-album-art.jpg|300]] ### Tracklist 1. Declan's Kind Gesture - 4:15 2. Helpful Memory Loss - 7:34 3. Peter Interpretation - 4:04 4. The Inescapable Need - 4:17 5. The Beginning - 8:03 6. Dilapidated Brain Stem - 4:52 >[!info] Release Details Self Released via - Contact The Emotion Ocean - [CTEO01] Composed, mixed and mastered by Jonathan George Fox Artwork - Screenshot from [[FCV01]] [Apple Music](https://music.apple.com/gb/album/theres-a-planet-on-your-chest/1727190783) [Bandcamp](https://flightcoda.bandcamp.com/album/theres-a-planet-on-your-chest) [Spotify](https://open.spotify.com/album/6aJ1MFMYc6150XP7EMtDqP?si=QC4jLbjBTMyLpTLapgKCgg)