> # Traces of a Cathode Closing Event feat. [[Flight Coda]] This Sat 20 May, 6 - 8pm Performance: 7 - 7:30pm > >To mark the end of our international group exhibition Traces of a Cathode, please join us this Saturday evening for a drink at the final viewing of our show, as we also look at the impact of our developing e-waste recycling programme of over 75 donated electronic goods, soon to be recycled at our partner venue Aspire Sheffield. As part of this event, S1 Artspace is delighted to host a unique performance by Sheffield based artist Flight Coda. > >Flight Coda is “Dreamtime micro-symphonies, for fans of Steve Roach, Iasos, Celer”. Artist Jonathan George Fox (they/he) is responsible for multiple cross-genre musical experiments. From playing torn up guitars in the “genuinely deranged” Sheffield hardcore band Scum Bastard to their “corroding liquid synth squiggle(s)” under the caustic beat-driven guise SENTRY. In their latest “nocturnal, mysterious” EP entitled ‘a window at night the 27th’ released by Warm Winters Ltd, Fox’s project Flight Coda favours a gentle approach. [S1 Artspace](https://www.s1artspace.org/programme/traces-of-a-cathode-closing-event-flight-coda-performance/) ![[Traces Of A Cathode - Closing Event - Flight Coda - photo by James Clarkson.jpeg]]![[Traces Of A Cathode - Closing Event - Flight Coda - photo by James Clarkson-1.jpeg]] Photos by [James Clarkson](https://www.james-clarkson.co.uk/)