'a window at night the 27th' is a Four track ambient EP by [[Flight Coda]]. Described as "Dreamtime micro-symphonies"[^1] "...the 4 gliding, dreamy tracks ranging from 5 to almost 20 minutes are a reflection of the artist’s intention to create pieces which simulate dream-states, comforting conversations or staring at a night sky of diving comets… Nocturnal, celestial and mysterious, “a window at night the 27th” is the start of a new journey for Fox as Flight Coda, an introduction to an abundance of intuitive ambient textures."[^2] ![[a window at night the 27th album art.jpeg|300]] ### Tracklist 1. forever and decimal - 11:54 3. a window at night the 27th - 07:49 4. help void - 19:19 5. neutral isn’t neutral (a device which enables you to go nowhere) - 05:18 >[!info] Details Released by [Warm Winters Ltd](https://warmwintersltd.bandcamp.com/) on Cassette and Digital Composed, mixed and mastered by Jonathan George Fox Artwork by Jonathan George Fox [^1]: [Boomkat Product Review](https://boomkat.com/products/a-window-at-night-the-27th) [^2]: [Warm Winters Bandcamp](https://flightcoda.bandcamp.com/album/a-window-at-night-the-27th?label=1845603793&tab=music)