Released by videogamemusic in 2017, Hope Is Red / Jordan is "Equally brutal and beautiful". Exploring extreme contrast from the pits of hell in Plasma to cool rainy Slovakian forests in Total Disruption. The album artwork is entitled "Homicide Simulator" by artists Marco Berardi and [Karolina Kubik]( whom is pictured in the scene brandishing a stick of bread in what appears to be an football field. The image was adapted for the cassette edition in the labels halftone style by videogamemusic head Sam Bristow. The release was accompanied by three videos produced in London by the artist and collaborators over a period of weeks. ![[Hope Is Red Jordan by Foundling - Album Cover.jpeg|300]] ### Tracklist 1. Body Of Water - 4:12 2. [[Plasma]] - 4:19 3. Total Disruption - 7:30 4. Don't Let Me Continue - 5:38 5. [[The Daughter Of A Gold Miner]] - 4:14 6. A Man Who Hallucinates - 8:56 7. Hope Is Red/Jordan - 5:14 8. [[Dark Bidding]] - 4:24 >[!info] Release Details Cassette and digital editions released by videogamemusic Mastered by [Dominik Suchy]( Duration 45 minutes [Bandcamp (videogamemusic)](