“In **Wake up in Bits** Jonathan connects the dots between oscillating bass strides, slowly morphing electro-acoustic textures and soft noise. Linking found-sound artefacts to various kinds of acoustic elements be it inconspicuously used vocal modulations or a reverb piercing saxophone wail as both the approach and the track names suggest "Wake up in Bits" contains sonic moments of the small, the invisible and the omnipresent.”[^1] ![[album-art-foundling-Wake-Up-In-Bits-by-matus-hnat-compressed.jpg|300]] ## Tracklist 1. Unformer - 3:18 2. We Managed To Get Up - 4:21 3. Transition Basic - 8:38 4. Find Food - 6:27 5. Arrival To The Liquid Surface - 4:39 6. Wake Up In Bits - 4:48 7. I Crawled The Earth - 5:50 (digital edition only) >[!info] Release Details Music by Jonathan George Fox (Foundling) Mastering by [Jonáš Grúska](http://jonasgru.sk) Design by [Matúš Hnát](https://www.behance.net/MatusHnat) Released by [[Exitab]], Mar 16th, 2014 Re-issued by [[Proto Sites]], Nov 4th, 2014 [^1]: Description - Proto Sites Bandcamp