Castle Ghosts is the final [[Aches]] record by Jonathan Fox released via the Slovakia based Exitab imprint. Initially intended to be the prelude to a double album [[Bad Stars]]; which was archived shortly after this release; Aches was therefore abandoned as a project by way of a permanent hiatus. ![[Album Cover - Castle Ghosts by Aches.jpg|300]] ### Tracklist 1. Castle Ghosts - 2:42 2. Lonesome Together - 4:14 3. Castle Warmth, feat: [[Jan Durina|For you Katrina]] - 3:54 4. Sleep Talker - 1:26 5. Real Shadows - 5:08 6. Lip Skins - 3:54 >[!info] Release Details >Music by Jonathan George Fox (Aches) Mastered by [Jonáš Gruska]( Released by [[Exitab]], 24th July 2014