on Power Therapy – Warmth For Bad Skaters


 “Warmth For Bad Skaters is instrumental ballads sent back from the near-future of ambience and experimental electronics. Get on board.”


“For an album with this much range, it seems to come together effortlessly.”

(ENG)Beach Sloth  “Power Therapy picks out a mood reminiscent of Twin Peaks’ ethereal spirit on the mysterious shadows of “Warmth for Bad Skaters”. Gauzy synthesizers move alongside noir jazz and found sounds in a way that feels perfect. The atmospheres that emerge over the course of the album live and breathe with a sense of purpose, almost too intimate at times. Yellowed nostalgic hues rest right on the periphery of it all, while a blurred kind of hazy beauty graces the entirety of the album, consuming it whole. By choosing to balance these many elements together Power Therapy creates a fully vibrant sort of realm, one that feels remarkably ornate and fully-realized. Industrial drone introduces the album on “Inside Inside Inside Inside” while a saxophone sings out into the infinite. Washes of drone work wonders on the surreal “Cohort Or Die” with found sounds adding to the tactile nature of the piece. Guitar work has a no-wave quality on the lush realm of “Crab”. Vocals emerge on the sleepy dream world of “Maintain” where the lyrics feels only half-remembered at times. Distortion reigns supreme on the heavy shoegaze work of “Slow and Mortal” which at times feels reminiscent of Belong’s debut album “October Language”. Incredibly creepy “Half Light Soap” at times references a sort of power electronics sort of fervor. Hard to precisely pin down the title track “Warmth For Bad Skaters” brings the album to a close. On “Warmth for Bad Skaters” Power Therapy speaks with their own unique language one that defies easy categorization and transports the listener to another realm.”

on Hope Is Red/Jordan – Foundling

(ENG) Dayz of Purple and Orange  “what he has achieved with ‘Hope Is Red​/​Jordan’ is highly impressive. Over the course of eight tracks he has artfully mixed tranquil ambient hums with some more abrasive electronic trickery and created something hugely immersive and distinctly mesmerising. The album opener ‘Body Of Water’ takes buzzsaw drones and overlays them with a beautifully melodic keyboard refrains that border on the hauntological…it sounds as if there should be some sort of cognitive dissonance inherent in that but it all flows together very nicely. ‘Total Disruption’ would sit nicely as a Tarkovsky soundtrack – it has that same surreal sense of isolation and wonder while the title track takes a more ambient direction but still manages to put something unsettling amidst the bliss. In all, this tape is wonderful…mixing the beautiful with the brutal…like an ambient Vatican Shadow. Hugely recommended.”

(ENG) BADDPRESS  “Hope Is Red/Jordan was worth the wait. Fox hasn’t gone easy on us though. These eight tracks are full of heavy metal drone and sharp edges. If it were possible for a digital download to be radioactive, this one will have you reaching for a HAZMAT suit.”

(CZ) Pornoclaps  “Hloubavý, je slovo, který podle mě sedí na Hope Is Red/Jordan jak poklice na hrnec. Jeho zvuk trochu zhrubnul a zchaotičtěl viz. track Plasma, kterej zní jak epickej battle mašinek a cirkulárky – best track samozřejmě ale třeba psychedelická A Man Who Hallucinates, trudná Dark Bidding nebo úvodní cinkavá Body Of Water vystřelujou kvalitu nahrávky rovněž hodně nahoru, do jinam. Ono teda hledání slabýho místa neni jendoduchý, resp. je prakticky nemožný.”

on Numbing – Foundling

(ENG) Can You Ear It?  “One thing you’ll notice straight away is the natural warmth radiating from the track. “Numbing” employs various instruments like the guitar, flute or Tibetan singing bowls, all of which add their specific hue to the mix of sounds. A strangely pleasing combination of instruments, as hypnotic as it is tender.”

(ENG) Custom Made Music “one of the most inspiring and beautifully hypnotic tracks I’ve heard in some time. It was actually recorded back in 2009 but just recently released. The track is made up of some brilliantly crafted guitar work that is full of deep textures, haunting drones and subtle nuances that offer a sense of comfort and peace.”

on Wake Up In Bits – Foundling

(ENG) Impose Magazine ““Find Food” is its most brilliant track—easily taken in a dose on its own or imagined as the backdrop to a futuristic film where everything has gone wrong. The song manages to settle the heart rate, deepen the breathing, and also incite panic all at once. It’s magical.”

(ENG) Eastern Daze […] The exploratory nature of the listener gives way to a blind following of waves and horizontally shifting structures. The listener can foretell where it will all lead, what is in the beginning, what comes after the last tone. That would be a fatal mistake, however, missing the gradually amplifying details which can be omitted during a shallow listen.”

(SK) Gregi “Foundling vychyľuje kurz posledných releasov Exitabu, stále však zapadá do aktuálneho smerovania labelu svojou náklonnosťou k organickému, špinavšiemu zvuku s atribútmi rozšíreného vedomia.”

on Glass Lip – Aches

(ENG) Can You Ear It?

Glass Lip is Aches’ debut album, and his third release on Slovak experimental label Exitab. Released back in 2012 on beautiful white vinyl (somehow still available), this album presents an exciting and unpredictable blend of electronic music, IDM, elements of shoegaze and delightful songwriting. It’s a hazy album full of uncertain beauty – dizzying beats elegantly intertwine with dreamy atmospheres and voices. It feels like Aches was at the time, slowly, cautiously uncovering the hidden beauty of Slovakia.”

(ENG) Everything Is Chemical

“The beats are complex (Dub Step meets IDM), the vocals are mysterious and vivid (extremely lulling), the atmospheres are dank & crisp (Electronic meets Classical), everything is complementing of each other in perfect harmony. ‘Glass Lip’ is a mostly sparse-dark chill-out zone, with a bit of glossy head trip mixed in. I’m positive this will please any serious headphoner out there.”

(SK/ENG) Radio Wave

“Aches vo svojich trackoch kombinuje nielen gitaru a efektovaný spev, ale často aj kvázi “field-recordings” zvukov svojho laptopu a rôzne šumy a ruchy. Zvuk Glass Lip sa takto stáva akýmsi zvetraným a špinavým.”

(SK) Tyden

“Zasněná atmosféra nahrávky, spojující elektronické koláže, zvuk efektované kytary i nápaditě poskládané zvukové samply, působí nesmírně uklidňujícím dojmem. Ať už budeme operovat pojmy jako ambient, lounge nebo jen mluvit o současné inteligentní alternativě k tanečním projektům, faktem zůstává, že Foxovy sofistikované kompozice znamenají propracovanou produkční odpověď na nenáročnou a čistě oddechovou hudební tvorbu, a výsledek, který je stejně přitažlivý pro experimenty milujícího posluchače, jako pro toho, kdo chce u poslechu prostě jen relaxovat..”

on Sentry – Stranger As a Friend

(ENG) Inverted Audio

” ‘Station Crucial‘ gets the bandy-legged swing going with murky industrial brute-force. Here, Sentry’s talent lies less in the functionality of his cuts but in the subtle way he scales up inmost grooves into unwonted warehouse beats by applying a variety of harsh-sounding FXs. A demanding listen most definitely, but rewarding nonetheless.

Surrender‘ attacks with a more pacey approach, encompassing the mini-LP’s ability at throwing epic club-ready cuts with further textural research – whilst ‘Gargoyles Laser‘ delivers an interesting combination of Demdike Stare’esque strings and off-kilter drumwork. A spaced-out cut of oddball techno that most definitely stands out. […]”

(GER) mag

“Es kann so viel Schönheit im Brutalismus liegen, sie muss nur entkernt werden. Der beste Zugang zu Sentrys Musik eröffnet sich daher vielleicht über das Video zum Track »Station Crucial«: Im japanischen Herbst tanzt eine Frau mit ebenso eckigen wie fließenden Bewegung vor menschenleeren Kulissen, unter anderem einem mächtigen Staudamm. Sie drückt eine Form von Eleganz aus, die selten zu sehen und seltener noch zu hören ist. »Stranger As A Friend«, die Debüt-EP von Sentry, ist von eben jener Eleganz geprägt. Stoisch wummert die Kick über sieben Tracks dahin, es passiert eigentlich recht wenig. Das verwaschene, schmutzige Sounddesign erinnert an IVVVO und andere Propheten des untoten Raves, die Strukturen indes sind vergleichsweise karg gehalten. Hier verabschieden sich Elemente, dort werden neue hinzugeschaltet, darüber rauscht und flimmert es. Das müffelt nach live eingespieltem Nerd-Techno, nach verschwitztem Gerätepark-Sport im Elfenbeinturm des eigenen Schlafzimmers und ist vermutlich genau das. Gleichzeitig wohnt dieser roughen Poetologie, die weder Aufbau noch Spannungsbögen zu kennen scheint, eine sonderbare Schönheit inne. »Stranger As A Friend« ist eine Meditation über die Kraft der Wiederholung, unprätentiös und doch kathartisch. Die simple, brutalistische Oberfläche von Sentrys Sound gibt nur nach und nach ihren Kern preis. Das macht ihre Dialektik aus sturer Kantigkeit und fließender Eleganz so faszinierend.”