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Wake up in Bits is a collection of soundscapes recorded between Bratislava and Ilfracombe Devon in the UK. Using Synthesisers, Saxophone and various other found sounds.

“(Wake up in Bits) … connects the dots between oscillating bass strides, slowly morphing electro-acoustic textures and soft noise. Fox links found-sound artefacts to various kinds of acoustic elements be it inconspicuously used vocal modulations or a reverb piercing saxophone wail.”

Wake up in Bits was released by Exitab in March 2014 and then re-released by sister label Proto Sites in November 2014. Limited edition cassettes are now sold out [since then re-pressed on transparent red cassettes here]. The cover art was designed by Matúš Hnát.

30 limited cassettes available here: http://bit.ly/foundlingsites


2.We Managed To Get Up
3.Transition Basic
4.Find Food
5.Arrival To The Liquid Surface
6.Wake Up In Bits
7.I Crawled The Earth (bonus)

EXTB054 / PS002
Written and produced by Jonathan George Fox.
Mastered by Jonáš Grúska.
Design by Matúš Hnát.
Made by Lunar Mastering.
Repress manufactured at bandcds uk.
First released by Exitab then re-released by Proto Sites.

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