The North Sea from Felixstowe Beach

Stereo recordings of contrasting coast side environments on Felixstowe beach. First of all I’m taking shelter next to a rock groyne cutting through the beach. Blustery relentless wind cascades over the barrier, seagulls drift overhead and the sea rages in the foreground. In the distance you can hear the low rumble of distant cargo ships. After some time, you start to notice resonant oceanic melodies coming from the swelling, crashing waves.

Standing under the Pier the waves create reflections resulting in almost swelling white noise, with little accents creeping through. The audible contrast is alarming compared to the open environment outside.

Then I decided to explore, holding the microphones in these very small caves where you can hear the water sloshing around and a very deep muffled rumble of the waves dancing over the shoreline pounding the rocks relentlessly. I moved from cave to cave to get an example of each little space, water flying overhead meant it was hard to stay in one place for too long without ruining my equipment so I have left some parts with me moving the mics around, in.

Recorded in Felixstowe, UK: 17/04/2015

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