Platform 1-12

Preparations, Introductions and Experiments.

Recorded and performed at Nastupiste 1-12, on the 2nd of Dec 2011.

Taking place on a freezing day in early December, audio samples were collected throughout the day and night from the activated Nastupiste 1-12 cultural space, nestled in the cavernous underground passage of Topolcany railway station.

Recording started at the morning sound workshop for members of Gymnazium Topolcany, followed by preparations for the art exhibition and a live concert from nu-jazz experimenters Hugo Kant.

A tonal canvas was made prior to the event, then using a wireless microphone recordings were taken of introductions, interviews, instruments being set up, wine being poured, anything which seemed to be important.

Humming from confused school pupils and visitors to the gallery over the tonal base solidifies the feel, then for example the addition of a birthday celebration in Russian dialect ‘Zivijo!’ (long life) appears close to the end of the night and floats through the composition.

The samples were simultaneously looped, manipulated and played back into the Nastupiste exhibition space, which somewhat intensified the atmosphere and energy.

This MP3 is free to download, it is made from slices of this event to re-create the atmosphere wherever your location.

The full Photo album from this event.Platform 1-12

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