Like Water


1. Like Water
2. Kind Day Air
3. Ipswich 5:39am 14/03/2015

Released December 4th 2015.
Recorded in Bratislava and Ipswich 2015.

‘Ilfracombe, Sheffield, Ipswich, London and Bratislava. The locations I have inhabited over 2015 have varied dramatically, contrasting, disruptive, shrinking and stretching, worlds have blended together. Making sounds throughout this time, Like Water has been skimmed off the top and re-cycled. Field recording, working with electronics and writing, learning a great deal in the process. Like water and like decay, stories are memorised and melt away with time. Sleep, a deep journey which recycles memories of word and form, Like Water to introduces melody and tone to this activity.’

‘The first two tracks are made with a collage of momentary extracts from my current composing regime. Blended together and lengthened to provide only the environment and aesthetic, to guide you to sleep or provide an augmented environment.’

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