Fine Tongue

Aches - Fine Tongue CD

Blurb from Exitab. ‘The EP ‘Fine Tongue’ and the sub sequential live performances are dreamy yet biting; Influenced on the one hand by UK club sounds like Instru:mental or the more experimental Mount Kimbie; Aches’ condensed complex structures crash with the schizophrenic attitude of Clark and flow with the emotional gravity and storytelling of Mogwai, or GSYBE.’

Fine tongue was made during my first few months of life in Bratislava, Slovakia in 2011. I had only headphones an old electric guitar and a laptop/interface. Released by Exitab in limited CD edition and download.


1. Fine Tongue
2. I’m Erasing Your Words
3. Talking Refreshment Two
4. Careful Ushi

Released December 15, 2011
Written and produced by Jonathan George Fox.
Mastered by Ink Midget.
Released by Exitab.

Aches – Fine Tongue from DIRECTION PLUS on Vimeo.

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