Castle Ghosts


Blurb from Exitab. ‘Castle Gosts features six micro stories build up around glassy synth work, minimalist percusion and braindance-wise beat programming that together with evocative vocals gives the EP highly visual attributes. It’s six track lucid dream where blurry beings meet through gloss of laptop screens and unpredictable imaginary worlds.’


1. Castle Gosts
2. Lonesome Together
3. Castle Warmth (feat. For You Katrina)
4. Sleep Talker
5. Real Shadows
6. Lip Skins

Released on July the 24th, 2014.
Written and produced by Jonathan George Fox in Ilfracombe and Sheffield.
Mastered by Jonáš Gruska in Bratislava.
Released by Exitab. EXTB057.

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