A Quarky Family Have Only Particles to Their Name – Divide by Three

Bird smallShown at Prism – The Showroom – Sheffield – 2009
Acrylic paint, pastel colour, custom acrylic presentation case containing 127 prints, accompanying text work.

Guide small

‘A Brief Description of The Luln Flower as Illustrated in ‘A Quarky Family Have Only Particles To Their Name’ The Luln Flower is a hybrid Magnoliophyta composed from three different buds. After planting it requires cultivating for twenty seconds overall. This is all the time it will take for each plant to be nurtured to full growth. Even though their life is formed quickly, this doesn’t impair their beauty as we have sourced the best seeds available for this specific wonderful breed. They are the most lucrative strains available in today’s limited market; they efficiently and relentlessly harness the elements to become even more inconceivable than when first sprouted. The origins of this particular species are well documented though only available to certain libraries as knowledge of this information would render the flower vulnerable to extinction. Any activity that took place in the acquisition of The Luln Flower seeds falls within British lawful guidelines and adhered to the acceptable boundaries set in place by the agent. Unauthorised distribution, retail or duplication of The Luln Flowers is prohibited.’ – Accompanying Text

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