Designing for Education

As a Design Development Coordinator at Twinkl Educational Publishing, me and my team provide a huge range of services for Product Owners and Stakeholders throughout the business as well as training, feedback and support for an ever growing team of over 200 in-house designers.

Learning about The Planets!

Problem to Solve for Twinkl; how maintain an engaging user interaction. Intuitive for both teacher and learner.

🎉 ~ Number of downloads: 38,316

Originals App Advert

Problem to Solve for Twinkl Cymru bring the product to life in video, demonstrate App functionality in under 60 seconds. Two separate videos must be made, only differentiated by language.

Watch the Welsh language version here: Youtube

Trust and Development

Problem to Solve for CPD Team help specific customers find resources indispensable. Create resource templates evoking reliability sources and enabling comfortable reading.

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