Forthcoming tape on videogamemusic

foundling in the bath taken by luis calowFrom Facebook – “This photo is from a Foundling video shoot where I almost drowned, which you’ll never see (apart from a tiny clip I’m gonna use because it didn’t really work for the whole track) but we got this photo at least. Which Luis Calow took, which I love, bathing in our weird bathroom in London, unusually angled at a 30º slant into the wall; I have fallen over yes, taking the shower curtain down in the process. In Jan/Feb I have a new tape coming out. It took me almost two years to collate and mix and make and record and remake and tweak and test live (more plz). It’s not only kind and gentle like my previous record it’s also angry, as fuck. In a few weeks i’ll start posting about it, I can’t wait to show you the album cover from Marco Berardi and Karolina Kubik it’s absolutely stunning. I also cannot wait to show you the videos me and my Luis and Adriana have made; based on ideas for performances which I have had in mind for a while now, shot quick and edited quick in just one evening each. I’m incredibly pleased that videogamemusic are gonna release it on cassette/digital for me with a screen printed cover and all ! Please, I want you all to know about ‘Hope Is Red / Jordan’ its coming very soon…” [19/12/2016]