Power Therapy
Warmth For Bad Skaters (2018, ACR) ACR028
Power Therapy (single) (2018, Flight Coda) FC02

Hope Is Red/Jordan (2018, videogamemusic)
Numbing (2017, Flight Coda) FC01
Positions Of Power (2016)
Like Water (2015)
Birth From Another (2014)
Wake Up In Bits (2014, Proto Sites) PS002
Heath Hearth (2014)

Castle Ghosts (2014, Exitab) EXTB057
Easy Ghost (2012, Exitab) EXTB042
Glass Lip (2012, Exitab) EXTB036
Fine Tongue (2011, Exitab) EXTB026

Unicorn Desert Strap
Dart Board (2011)

the opposite of aloof vol. 2 (2017, ACR)
Emissions (2017, Seagrave) SR047
Exit Bratislava (2012, Electrofone Music/ Exitab/Brainzone)