Love Is Time

Love is Time, is my contribution to a compilation curated by ‘hdmr in support of The Ekaterinburg Resource Centre For LGBT. The release is entitled To Bloom, To Glow. Please check it out on the link below and support this excellent release. 35 tracks by some amazing artists and friends. Love Is Time, two duelling… Continue reading Love Is Time

Selves~ Preservation

“I never sat still in school I never stopped talking to people. Getting me to sit down and write sums or do any form of learning what-so-ever, with infinite opportunities to be distracted in the classroom, was basically impossible”

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Fresh Water

The Fresh Water cassette from Jake Marshall is finally ready to trickle into your ears. On a chance meeting with Jake at a Eurovision song contest party (_🔥) in London last year, my friend Jordan (an incredible musician himself), mentioned that Jake does music (and it’s spectacular), I cant remember exactly what adjectives he used, something like, totemic, minimal,… Continue reading Fresh Water

Forthcoming tape on videogamemusic

From Facebook – “This photo is from a Foundling video shoot where I almost drowned, which you’ll never see (apart from a tiny clip I’m gonna use because it didn’t really work for the whole track) but we got this photo at least. Which Luis Calow took, which I love, bathing in our weird bathroom in… Continue reading Forthcoming tape on videogamemusic