![[Jonathan George Fox Profile Pic 2024-1.jpeg|300]] **Jonathan George Fox** (born 10 July 1987) is an Artist, Designer and Developer based in Sheffield, UK. _(they/them/he/him)_ The polyonymous[^1] artist behind the ambient drone of [[Flight Coda]], releasing music under multiple aliases over the past fifteen years including the glitch/ballad project [[Aches]] and the caustic computer microcosm of [[Sentry]]. Over this time Jonathan has also been building a career as a teacher going on to become a design specialist and developer in Educational Technology. Through 2019-2020, Jonathan was guitarist for the DIY sludge/hardcore band [[Scum Bastard]] in its short but energetic debut where they released an EP and played a number of shows around South Yorkshire. Jonathan graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2009 after completing a three year bachelors in Contemporary Fine Art. Here they focused on videography and performance including *sonification* of the heart and breathing at live art events. Along with the duet of sonic adventurers [Phoneutrian](https://phoneutrian.bandcamp.com/album/shiny-livecode-live-december-2023) and [Sleepsang](https://sleepsangmusic.com/) from [Interworld Media](https://www.interworld.media/) Jonathan produces music out of a studio based in Sheffield's historical industrial centre Kelham Island. In their latest musical work to arrive under the Flight Coda alias, entitled [[there's a planet on your chest]] Jonathan sets a macro lens on the details, welcoming into the drone a thriving microcosm of industrious organisms. >[!note] Welcome! >👋🏼 Thank you for visiting! This website is a work in progress. So you may find a lot of darker purple links [[unlinked|like this]] which are not yet created. They will become completed as I work through my archive of documentation. I will add personal comments like this throughout the website as it grows and changes. Thank you for visiting! Also please feel free to [[Links#Contact|contact me here]]. Happy surfing! 🌸 [^1]: ![[polyonymous#^02b4fe]]